We started in 1991

History: Company Ovnak d.o.o. Vitez was founded in 1991, and its first headquarters was in Ovnak, which is located on the borders of the municipalities of Travnik, Vitez and Zenica. In 1994 the company headquarters were moved in Vitez. The company Ovnak ltd. Vitez intially dealt with sales of construction materials and production services activities. Then, company begins to deal with the distribution and sales of cosmetics and chemical products, which ultimately turns into a fundamental activity of the company.

Committed systematic work of company at the market, outstanding projects, innovative solutions and best business environment in BiH, in the Business Centre PC-96 in Vitez, have contributed to the excellent operating results of the company Ovnak. Logistically, Ovnak is in an ideal geographical location, between large cities (Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Mostar, Tuzla, Vitez), which is certainly a great advantage in providing services to clients and partners.

Ovnak today:

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Today, Ovnak company is dealing with import and distribution of cosmetic products and consumer goods for households. One of our goals is to create added value with constant market and technological innovation and to build mutual trust that enables and facilitates the creation of a stable and constant business growth. At the same time, Ovnak company is developing its own concept of retail stores at Bosnia and Herzegovna market: cm - cosmetic market. Company cm is drugstore chain and it is represented in more than 70 doors throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. In June 2016, the company Ovnak celebrated twenty-five years of its existence, whose business is crowned with the new office building, which was built and according to the latest European standards.

Mission: Constant(steady) progress in the distribution and sale of products and services that we do. Achieving excellence in all channels of business with the customer as the center of our activities.

Vision: We want to be the best in the work that we do and ensure long-term comfort to our clients in their dealings with us, the best service and business solutions on the market.


  • OVNAK d.o.o.
    Poslovni centar PC-96/2
    72250 Vitez, BiH

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